Project Proposal

Monday, June 21, 2010

Project Proposal for Holy Wings Orphan Children & widows Home

1.Title of the Project:

Holy Wings Orphan Children & Widows Home

2. Introduction and background of the organization:

Zion Evangelistic Ministries, is the resultant of the vision which God has given me to accelerate His work in India.

God has enabled me to serve him faithfully in different parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India for the last 25 years. ZEM was founded in 2003 with the direction of the holy spirit to take part more effectively in fulfilling the Christ-given mandate ( Matt 28:19) and to reach the people of this world with his love and compassion

Established in 2003, ZEM has wiped out tears of many and touched lives of many with the help of the Lord's grace and by generous and like-vision people around the globe. It’s our wish and pleasure to partner with any churches around the world, organizations, institutions, individuals and missionaries with a passion to teach, preach and help the poor in India. The office of the ZEM is located in vizianagram, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, india

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ, come, share your vision, mission with us. Let us work together to build His kingdom with His love and His word.

3. Vision and Mission statement:

Our Vision:

• Our vision is to reach all the people with His Goodness (matt28:19).
• Reach all the people groups with His word irrespective of caste, race, gender and status
• Our vision is to establish churches in all the unreached villages and unreached pockets of towns
• To see all the leaders, pastors, Evangelists to be equipped by the word of God through seminars, conferences and retreats
• To see that the women of the present day church as prayer warriors through its conferences for women
• To see that the youth of India live in Christ through its retreats for Youth.
• To see that the children of present day world to grow in Christ right from their childhood
• To see that the poor, needy and destitute find comfort and solace through our charitable services.
• To establish children care home for uncared and hopeless children and a widow home for shelter less widows in L. Kota, Vizianagaram.

Our Mission:

We believe in the God, the father and the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit according to Bible.Mission ofZEM is biblical and it is founded on the scriptures in the bible
• Matthew 28:19: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. (NIV)
• Jude v 23: Snatch others from the fire and save them. (NIV)
• James 1:27: Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is to look after orphans and widows in their distress. (NIV)
• Our ministry activities are founded on the first two scriptures and our charitable services are based in the last scripture written above.
• We want to establish a Children home for uncared children and widows home for shelter less widows.
• We want to reach the people in their needs with material help and financial help.
• We want to involve in emergency relief programs during floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural calamities.

4. Founder members and present member of governing body:

Rev.Y. Benjamin, Founder/president

Pas.S. David, Vice-president
Pas.Y. Krupanandam, General Secretary.
Pas.Y. Kruparakshana, Asst. Secretary.
Pas E. William Carey, Treasurer

Executive Members:
Bro S. Yesudas
Bro. K. Suribabu

5. Registered office, details of the Organization

Registered office:
Zion Evangelistic Ministries,
# 20-17-19, Stadium Road,
Vizianagaram city, 535002
Andhra Pradesh, India

Established Year: 2001
Registered In: 2004
Registration No: 269/2004
Registered Under: Societies registration Act XXI of 1860.

6. Addresses:

Office address:

Zion Evangelistic Ministries
Yerukalapeta colony,
Stadium Road,
Vizianagaram town -535002,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Permant address:

Rev. Y.Benjamin,
Zion House of God
# 4-76, L.Kota Po & Md
Vizianagaram - District
Andhra Pradesh, India
Pin No - 535161

7. Our Phone Nos:

+ 91 94413 05749
+ 91 99890 29519

8. E-mails:

9. Website:

10. Infrastructure available:

We have a campus of 500 square yards in which we have our church building and a resident building in which we will accommodate the orphans and widows. We have a government school near by our church where students can study. We have a play ground for the children to play. We will provide all the basic amenities for the children and widows.

11. Organizational structure of Children Home:

ZEM India


ZEM India


Children Home

Children Home In - charges

12. Present CEO/ director:

Rev. Y.Benjamin,
Zion House Of God,
# 4-76, L.Kota PO & Md,
Vizianagaram DT, 535161,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

13. Problem or need Statement:

The place of the proposed Children Home is located in L.Kota, in the district of vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 50 kilometers away from Vishakhapatnam which is one of the fastest growing cities in south India. There is no other Children Home or any kind of refugee home anywhere in 50 kilometers limits from this village. We find many children, orphans and destitute wondering homeless and parentless in the streets and on the road sides begging alms or laboring in the shops and factories for their livelihood. They wanted to study and get educated but they are unable to study owing to their desperate conditions of not having parents. Moreover they are homeless. I have seen many orphans dying without meals and proper care. So we want to see our locality extending 30 kilometers without any orphans and destitute who is below 14 years old begging in the streets and laboring in any shops or factories.

In addition to this, we want to shelter homeless and helpless widows abandoned by their husbands or family members. We want to shelter them in our care home and make them self employed through our self employment programs.

14. Aim of this project:

Proverbs 22:6 “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn form it”

Our aim is to find and bring orphans to our home, bring them up in our Children Home as God's children and give them good education and life. we want to make them His children and teach them the way of Christ by training them in the lord’s word. At the end of the day we want to see a good Christian in them thus want to make our society of good citizens.

15. Objectives of this project:

•Our objective at present is to establish a children home with 10 orphan children and 10 old aged widows. We want to give them shelter in our children Home, give them food, education, machines and work tools for widows to work with and other basic things. We want to run the home with above mentioned number of children and widows for at least one year.

• In the next coming years, we want to increase the number of children & old aged widows and infrastructural facilities for more children.

• Every year we want to give them 2 pairs of civil dresses, 2 pairs of school Uniform and one pair of shoes for children only.

• We want to provide them with note books and pens, pencils and necessary school items.

• We want to distribute sarees to all the widows in the Christmas season.

16. Budget:


For 10 children and 10 widows (three meals a day)

For food for one day 1500.00 INR = 32.5846 USD

For food for one month - 45000.00 INR = 977.521 USD
For food for one year - 5,40,000.00 INR = 9,775.17 USD

2. Dresses, Books, Shoes and general articles ( Oil, soaps and toilet items)for one year :

a) For two pairs of civil dresses and two pairs of uniforms for one child -

500.00 INR = 10.8648 USD

For ten children (for one year) 5000.00 INR =108.648 USD

b) For Books & general articles for a child for one year 500.00INR = 10.8648 USD

For ten children (for one year) 5000.00 INR =108.648 USD

3. For shoes and other accessories:

a) One pair of shoes and two pairs of slippers for one student 300.00 INR= 6.51820 USD
For ten children (for one year) 3000.00 INR= 65.1820 USD

4. For sarees for widows:
a) For one pair of sari for one widow (for one year) 200.00 INR = 4.34546 USD
For ten widows 2000.00INR = 43.4546 USD

Total budget of children Home for one year is 5,55,000.00 INR = 12,063.864 USD

17.Requisition from the President:

Greetings. I come to you with this proposal of children care home for the orphans and widows. The above proposal will be implemented strictly to bring up children and to take care of widows. Each and every penny will be spent with much care and reverence towards God.

We have enlisted the budget for running the home for one year. And we have also given the budget for food, dresses and other needs. We request you to consider the above sections of budget and sponsor according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Even a single dollar can help us to feed a child with a meal here in india. Even if it is a single dollar you can be able to send us, do not hesitate to give us that one dollar. Because your one dollar will really feed a child here with one meal. What ever be the donation, we are in desperate need of your donations towards the children home. Our main concern is to give a life to the innnocent children who can not enjoy their life in the society. If you are inspired to sponcer for any of the mentioned sections of budget, we are happy to have you to be part of this great work of God in India.

Your contributions are very much needed for the better lifes of the children here in india. You can wire your donations either to our ICICI Bank account in online or send a check in the name of the president of ZEM or you can send your donations and offering through Western Union Money Tansfer.

Looking forward for your answer. For any doubts and clarifications and for further information about our work, kindly visit our website.
Or you can call me. My phone nos are +91 94413 05749/ + 91 99890 29519.

18. Bank A/C.

ICICI ACCOUNT NO: 006001544353




My Address:
Pastor Yepuri. Benjamin,
Zion house of god,
Lakkavarapu kota-Village, post,
Andhra Pradesh, India- 535161.